Vomiting Home Remedies

Vomiting Dos

Breathe deeply. Suck on a mint. Move to a cooler and breezier environment.

Vomiting Donts

Pineapple is good for Vomiting


Drink one glass of pineapple juice thrice a day. Add little ginger extract, pinch of black pepper and 2 teaspoon sugar for taste.

Lemon is good for Vomiting


In half glass of water add half spoon of lemons juice, pinch of cumin (jeera) powder and a pinch of cinnamon (dalchini) powder. Drink this thrice a day.

Cardamom is good for Vomiting


Drink milk boiled with cumin seeds powder and cardamom powder.

Clove is good for Vomiting


Smell roasted clove (laung) to stop vomiting sensation.

Ginger is good for Vomiting


Slowly suck the small piece of fresh ginger.

Honey is good for Vomiting


Drink a spoon of basil (Tulsi) juice with honey to stop vomiting.