Toothache Home Remedies

Toothache Dos

If pure home made butter is available, dip a cotton ball in it and put it on affected tooth. Gargle with warm salt water, do not swallow it, spit it out. Brush your teeth gently daily.

Toothache Donts

Clove is good for Toothache


Put a piece of crushed clove or a cotton piece dipped in clove oil on the affected tooth.

Ginger is good for Toothache


Put a piece of crushed ginger or a cotton piece dipped in ginger extract on the affected tooth.

Neem is good for Toothache


Boil Neem leaves in water and gargle.

Papaya is good for Toothache


Cotton dipped in Raw papaya (papita) juice applied on the affected tooth, reduces ache.