Kidney Stone Home Remedies

Kidney Stone Dos

Eat a whole foods diet that contains leafy green vegetables, fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Drink lots of water.

Kidney Stone Donts

Papaya is good for Kidney Stone


Take 20 seeds of ripe papaya (papita) grinded with half cup of water for 10 days first thing in morning.

Watermelon is good for Kidney Stone


Eat watermelon or have a juice everyday.

Tomato is good for Kidney Stone


Drink 1 glass of fresh tomato juice by adding pinch of salt and peppar. Have this on empty stomach in morning.

Bran Flakes is good for Kidney Stone


Increase the fibre rich food in diet. Eat Bran Flakes daily to reduce the calcium in urin.

Basil is good for Kidney Stone


Eat 2-3 basil leaves daily or make a tea with basil leaves or take 1 teaspoon of basil leaves juice with honey daily.