Hangover Home Remedies

Hangover Dos

Know your limits and stick to it. Eat before going out so alcohol is not absorbed as quickly. Choose light liquors over dark liquors. Stay hydrated and eat a breakfast with fruits, wholegrain and honey.

Hangover Donts

Lemon is good for Hangover


Fresh lemon juice prepared in cold water with little sugar gives fast relief. This drink controls the sugar level in the blood after an excess intake of alcohol.

Orange is good for Hangover


Have a glass of orange juice. High in fructose, it also contain a lot of vitamin C, that will give you quick relief from a hangover.

Banana is good for Hangover


Drink banana shake with tablespoon of honey. Honey present in the fruit shake resumes the lost blood-sugar, while the banana helps in regaining essential minerals like potassium, which the body loses due to alcohol.

Coconut is good for Hangover


Rich in electrolytes, coconut water serves as an excellent hangover remedy.

Lemon is good for Hangover


Boil one cup of water and mix honey and lemon to it.