Hair Loss Home Remedies

Hair loss Dos

Use natural hair cleansing products. Regularly massage hair roots with oil. Eat healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Regularly comb your hairs to improve blood circulation.

Hair loss Donts

Fenugreek is good for Hair loss


Apply Fenugreek (methi) paste regularly on the scalp an hour before taking bath. It helps to overcome hair fall problem.

Sesame is good for Hair loss


Add few drops of lavender in sesame oil. Massage the scalp for few minutes daily.

Spinach is good for Hair loss


A mixture of spinach and lettuce juice is good to drink to treat hair fall problem.

Carrot is good for Hair loss


Drink fresh juice of carrot to reduce hair fall naturally.

Mustard is good for Hair loss


Boil 250 ml mustard oil in tin basin. Add 60 gms on henna leaves in it and stir for few minutes. On cooling, filtered the mixture. Massage the head regularly.

Lemon is good for Hair loss


Apply lemon juice on the scalp for 10 minutes before bath. It helps to control hair fall problem.

Amla is good for Hair loss


Drink Amla juice or eat it daily.Also make a paste of Amla powder and apply on scalp. Keep it for 2 hrs and then rinse.

Egg is good for Hair loss


Apply egg on scalp.Allow it to dry for 1 hr and rinse hairs later.