Diaper Rash Home Remedies

Diaper rash Dos

Feed breast milk as it fights infection. Wash nappies with bacteria fighting soaps. Use fresh warm water for cleaning and allow the skin to dry completely. Keep the babys diaper clean, moist free and dry.

Diaper rash Donts

General is good for Diaper rash


Gently wash the diaper area with warm water and let it dry completely. Then gently pat the cornstarch on the babys bottom.

Coconut is good for Diaper rash


Take ten drops of tea tree oil mixed into about a fourth of a cup of coconut oil and apply it at every diaper change.

Petroleum Jelly is good for Diaper rash


Take a handful of petroleum jelly and mix with a few drops or two of vitamin E oil. Dry the diaper area and apply and gently rub this remedy on it.