Dandruff Home Remedies

Dandruff Dos

Wash and ring hair regularly and properly. Brush the hair. Massage the scalp. Eat balanced diet. Have good sleep and exercise regularly. Manage stress.

Dandruff Donts

Egg is good for Dandruff


Prepare egg shampoo by mixing 2 - 3 eggs with a little water in it. Apply this on wet hair and massage the scalp for sometime. Wash it off after an hour.

Sesame is good for Dandruff


Massage your scalp with one teaspoon of hot castor oil and one teaspoon of coconut oil and one teaspoon of sesame or til oil. Leave for 10 minutes and wash your hair.

Fenugreek is good for Dandruff


Fenugreek (methi) paste applied on the scalp an hour before taking bath helps to overcome dandruff problem.

Neem is good for Dandruff


Neem paste mixed with basil (tulsi) paste applied on the scalp helps to remove dandruff.

Lemon is good for Dandruff


Take peel of 4-5lemons and boil them with 4-5 cups of water for 15-20 min. Wash hairs with this solution once a week.

Vinegar is good for Dandruff


Mix equal amount of vinegar and water and massage the scalp by using this mixture. Keep it for 2-3 hrs and wash.