Cold Home Remedies

cold Dos

Drink lots of fluids such as water and juices. Use cold or warm steam inhalation to dissolve the dry mucus and relieve chest congestion. In case of soreness of throat, do gargles with warm water mixed with a tinge of salt.

cold Donts

Ginger is good for cold


Mix dry ginger powder (saunth) and jaggery (gur). Take it twice a day to cure running nose or cold.

Lemon is good for cold


Drink hot water with lemon juice and honey before going to bed. It helps cure running nose and cold.

Cinnamon is good for cold


Add cinnamon (dal chini) in tea and other drinks.

Honey is good for cold


Black pepper powder, ginger extract and basil extract mixed with honey taken 2 - 3 times a day cures cold.

Turmeric is good for cold


Eating half spoon of fresh turmeric powder and drinking hot milk for 2 - 3 days helps to overcome common cold.

Garlic is good for cold


Taking garlic cloves boiled with milk helps to cure sneeze or cold.