Boils Home Remedies

Boils Dos

Eat 2 - 3 garlic cloves in a day. Wash the area thoroughly every day and dry it well. Wash the area with an antibacterial soap with warm water. Most small boils drain themselves when treated with hot compresses for several days. Do place a warm, moist cloth on your boil

Boils Donts

Garlic is good for Boils


Make a paste of 2 - 3 fresh garlic cloves and apply in on boil. This will help ripen them, break and drain the pus.

Honey is good for Boils


Soak cotton ball in honey and apply it directly onto boil.

Cabbage is good for Boils


Boil a fresh cabbage leaf for 1 minute and make a poultice. Put this on affected area. This will help to draw out the pus.

Bitter Gourd is good for Boils


Bitter gourd juice is most effective for treating boils. This should be mixed with some lime juice to reduce the bitterness and sipped slowly, preferably on an empty stomach in morning.

Cumin is good for Boils


Make a paste by grinding cumin seeds with little water. Apply this on boils.