Bed Wetting Home Remedies

Bed Wetting Dos

Teach your kids bladder-stretching exercises. Use fiber rich diet in the daily food intake. Give your child lots of encouragement. Children need to feel loved and lovable.

Bed Wetting Donts

Walnut is good for Bed Wetting


Eating 2 walnuts (Akhroat) with few raisins (Kishmish) everyday helps to cure bed wetting.

Cranberry is good for Bed Wetting


Giving your child cranberry juice before bedtime is a popular bedwetting remedy.

Jaggery is good for Bed Wetting


Give small piece of Jaggery with warm milk in the morning. Mix roasted celery seeds and roasted sesame seeds in equal quantity with pinch of salt and give to your child after one hour.

Banana is good for Bed Wetting


Give 1-2 banana to child in the morning and evening.

Amla is good for Bed Wetting


Eat one Amla everyday to reduce the bedwetting problem to large extent.