Asthma Home Remedies

Asthma Dos

Keep your stomach clean without constipation. Eat light foods. Go for walk in morning. Doing yoga and pranayama is helpful.

Asthma Donts

Lung disorder in which inflammation causes the bronchi to swell and narrow the airways, creating breathing difficulties that may range from mild to life-threatening.

Mustard is good for Asthma


Massage the chest with Mustard (Sarson) oil mixed with rock helps to get relief from asthma. This will ease out breathing. Also inhale steam from the boiling water mixed with ajwain (carrom seeds). It helps to ease out the bronchial passage.

General is good for Asthma


Take steam and sun bath. This will stimulate the skin and relieve congested chest. Apply mud-packs to the stomach area which will relieve the fermentation caused by undigested food.

Honey is good for Asthma


Honey is considered highly beneficial for treatment of asthma. Drink honey with hot water thrice a day. It clears the respiratory passages. Use of fresh honey is not recommended for respiratory diseases.

Garlic is good for Asthma


Garlic juice mixed with honey or garlic juice with hot water can be taken every day. It is very good for asthma patients.

Turmeric is good for Asthma


One cup of cow or goat milk mixed with a spoon of turmeric powder, black pepper powder and sugar taken everyday helps to cure asthma. Better to take this in morning.

Carrot is good for Asthma


Calcium is essential to cure asthma. Take half glass of carrot juice and quarter glass of spinach (palak) juice thrice day.

Onion is good for Asthma


Take 1/4 cup of onion juice, add one teaspoon honey and pinch of black pepper and drink. It will relieve congestion and is highly effective for relief from asthma.